Love and Lust – Painting


This painting has been created through love and pain. Struggle has brought this creation to life. The colours are vibrant yet soft and will soothe you to sleep each night. It is a masterpiece of sheer beauty. If you believe in art, think of this as an investment in your future. You will not regret this purchase. Grab life by the balls and buy this bad boi.





This painting is also available as an A3 Fine Art Print on 300 gsm card. The print package comes with two prints, one of the front of the canvas, one of the back of the canvas. All prints are editions of 10.


Open to offers on this one. Contact form below.

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Check it out. Another fire painting by me but this time, the infamous Alma Rinaldi of Lombard and co. decided to collaborate with me on this one. This painting is an amalgamation of two minds of crazy people. Yes, I am indeed blowing smoke up my own arse but who cares, this painting is the coolest thing since sliced bread.



Think of it this way. It’s 2070, you’re sitting around your holographic metaphorical inside campfire, with your 17 grand children. Above your fake ass fire, you have a real ass, ultra rare painting from the Notorious Chrome Boi and Alma Girl. Your grand children ponder up at this painting, thinking of what life was like back then. Flonerdon, your first born grandchild is especially taken aback by this painting. You take note as he smiles up at this masterpiece that you got for a steal of a mere €1000 euro fifty years previously.




The years go by and as you grow weaker and weaker, Flonerdon becomes fonder and fonder of this piece of art. You are aware of his acute eye for precious items and decide to leave this artwork entitled ‘Love and Lust’ to Flonerdon. He is unaware of the sheer amount of wealth that is about to be cast upon him after your passing. Time slips away and after a few weak breaths, you pass away onto the flip side, with Flonerdon and your loving family surrounding your bedside.




Promptly after your untimly passing, Flonerdon receives a package with with the painting entitled ‘Love and Lust’ inside. He appreciates this painting but then decides that his bedroom is no place for this masterpiece any more. He decides to donate this piece of art to the Louvre as its just too breath taking. ‘No more sleepless nights’ Flonerdon exclaims to himself in the mirror. Shortly after he donates the painting to the Louvre he receives a letter in the mail from Alma Rinaldi, The president of the world. Enclosed, a cheque. A cheque amounting to the sum of 1000 bitcoin. Made out to Flonerdon.




Buy this painting to live this tail in reality. It really is a simple as that. You never actually own a Dan Comerford. You merely look after it for the next generation.

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A3 Signed Fine Art Print, Actual Painting

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