Sunday Football in Berlin.

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Sunday football.

Sunday Football.
Photographed in Berlin. Fine Art Print framed in Golden Aluminium.

24.5 inch (60 cm)

34.5 inch (88.5 cm)


Framed print of a photograph of an astroturf in Berlin.

When reading the brief of this exhibition, what came to mind was the lack of facilities in our gorgeous country to support the creatives. I have only noticed the lack of facilities when I needed them most; when the money is running low and when things need to get done. 

I started to think about the times when the facilities were there. When me and my two friends were living in Berlin last summer. When we had no money for costly fun we decided to play football. 

Football is a beautiful game that can be played no matter your age, race, sex or social class. It’s an international language that is easy to understand. It’s one of the best tools to socialise without words. When things get tough and there’s nothing to do, get a ball and go to your nearest pitch and play! 


I feel that these moments playing football in a small astroturf in Kottbusser Tor were very similar to the 

times we spent in some of the nightclubs in Berlin. The feeling of not having to say a word, in a dark room and just focus on the music; much like the ball. 


I have noticed these photos from the fun times spent in that city, bring back great feelings of optimism but also not worrying about what the future has in hold for us.


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