Chrome Studios

Helping brands create great advertisements.

About us .

Chrome Studios is a group of photographers, videographers and graphic designers based in Paris and Dublin. We work with brands to create advertisement campaigns and social media content. 

What we can do.

Based on your idea for the brands campaign, we will meet with you and discuss our vision of how we can bring your idea to life. We will then work on a choice of mood boards for you to choose from. This will influence how the shoot will unfold on set. After a mood board has been selected we will then source models, stylists, set designers, make-up and hair artists in order to deliver the highest quality images and video. 

Fine Art Prints.

Chrome Studios has always supported artists in as many ways as possible. We help artists sell their art to their fan base. We list, sell, print, package and send their artwork to the artists customers. 

This helps artists to have an extra income from the work that they produce. It also saves time for artists as they can concentrate on the creation of their work while we work on the selling of their work.

To see what Fine Art Prints are available, simply log onto our shop.  

Terms and conditions .


  • A commission of 30% is kept by Chrome Studios  when an Artists work is sold.
  • All other profits are given to the Artists for their work.
  • Refunds are available upon request, within a 7 day period when a customer has received their products.
  • Chrome Studios ensures that the company is GDPR compliant.
  • No customer data will be used for anything unethical. 
  • No customer data will be sold to other companies.


Chrome Studios

Address: 36 Glenbeigh Road Cabra Dublin 7.

Email Contact:

Phone Number:  +353 85 206 0778

Working hours: 24/7